Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 14 

Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 14

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12 in the test room we spend plenty of time on dyno bench” there is lots of experimentation while searching for the perfect solution a special chapter in our development is dedicated to our cooperation with ktm the largest european off road specialist we designed exhausts together and are now bearing the fruits of this excellent cooperation and hard work slavko likes to mention that the company’s entrance into the world’s biggest market the us was an interesting milestone we went there because of the country’s potential after winning numerous titles in road racing where we cooperated with all teams but suzuki we expanded our cooperation onto working with the yamaha road racing team and decided decided to get involved in motocross as well this caused our competitors to implement countermeasures and react seriously for the first time in order to prevent us from gaining market share – and that only made us work harder we won the championship title in our first season of the ama/ fim supercross with chad reed we won the title this year as well with james stewart” adds slavko an off road rider himself he also agrees that the biggest compliment that your competitors can pay you is trying to copy you however it is hard for them to catch up especially considering the mode of work in the akrapovič’s racing department it is there that slavko and his team use the cuttingedge cuttingedge testing equipment efficiently as well as the lab to analyze and develop new materials and utilize the skills of prototype welders and their own know how and experience acquired through years of working with the best in the world slavko adds success of course cannot come without trust and we have to earn the trust of each individual team – after all racing motorbikes from different teams may be kept at the factory at the same time we dedicate the same amount of professionalism professionalism to any team regardless of how significant a player they are and the importance of the championship championship however we do usually agree beforehand how much time and development will have to be invested into their bike” designing an exhaust system is mainly determined by five interlaced and heavily interconnected requirements requirements the starting point is the available space for creating a racing exhaust system this is likely the most important piece of data that governsall subsequent developments then there is the loudness level within which we must create the best exhaust possible even the best racers can do nothing if they cannot transfer power to the ground making linear distribution of power of greatest importance and finally the system must be durable and lightweight which entails the best possible compromise between total mass capabilities materials and design solutions after the first prototypes prototypes are made test results determine follow up development usually between between 400 and 600 measurements are made on the dyno” utilizing a special chamber for measuring power torque and loudness before the prototype is finally okayed which is followed by the creation of a master sample the work process in the racing department has two peaks the first starts in the beginning of august and lasts till december this period involves discussions with teams regarding cooperation in the following season after a deal is struck development development of an exhaust begins immediately immediately and is internally labeled stage 1” the second peak is not as intense but no less important and starts after the first races that is when updates are made as teams continuously improve improve their racing bikes and therefore require adjustments to exhausts the interim periods are used for testing new materials and possible alternative future solutions slavko agrees that the best part of his job is being able to continuously measure and witness the results of his work and confirm his decisions this would of course not be possible without without a well oiled team that comprises four members moreover his department department includes people who originate from the world of motor sport or have an affinity for and experience with the area which further contributes to the company’s successes i always choose my colleagues by myself and get the most out of them success cannot depend on an individual but should be the result of love for motorbikes without the trust of igor akrapovič who oversees everything that is happening happening in the company this would not be possible” slavko’s first experience with motorbikes is also quite interesting interesting unlike most people who first sit down on their mom’s or dad’s 50 ccm motorcycle in their childhood he was taken home on one from the maternity ward how could somebody like that not be infatuated with motorbikes their entire life the same goes for racers and their teams success cannot come without addiction to racing and hard work success is the result of total dedication know how determination determination and an exceptional desire for reaching the highest step on the podium


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