Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 16 

Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 16

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living with your car maserati car company held an interesting competition competition – they wanted applicants to come up with the most unique ideas on how to design their garage the winner was holger schubert who designed a home that actually functions as a garage a minimalist environment hosts your car as a piece of interior design resting quietly as you watch your huge lcd tv or observe the rich view outside the glass wall what’s more is that there is a remotecontrolled remotecontrolled steel ramp underneath the car so you can lift the floor into a slope and slide the car out of the house without starting it thus keeping the air inside the house clean for minimal effort smart practical and a good way to show the people how much your car means to you details >> www designdriven us 2 1 3 orbital there is something very unique about this wall clock the name orbit reveals it’s true meaning but a closer look shows that this clock is built out of three oval shapes each acting as an elliptical hand making this clock change shape much like a satellite changes orbit every minute and every hour you will have a different shape on your wall giving this clock a unique possibility to add eye catching elegance into your home the clock is made of aluminum and is powered by a quartz clock mechanism it was designed designed by a well known swedish industrial designer sander mulder and it won’t even cost you that much – minimalistic as it is the price goes hand in hand with the tag of 167 euro details >> www pid se chain away for a long time people have been wondering when the dirty greasy and hard to repair chains on the bikes will be a thing of the past the first proper generation of bikes that do not use a regular chain for pedaling have now been introduced american bicycle company trek began manufacturing special race bikes named district carbon bike where the chain has been replaced by a belt drive making pedaling easier smoother and – most of all – cleaner this bike still considered an innovation of sorts bears no small price the first series is being sold for 3360 dollars but they just might be the pioneers of a new breed details >> www trekbikes com 4 hidden power there is something about making things small these days that is why a well renowned germany based audio company elac decided to created a subwoofer subwoofer under the slogan the smaller the better” the end result is microsub 2010bt a limited edition subwoofer created in a splah of colours that pay homage to piet mondrian mondrian was a leader of a group of artists known as de stijl most of them today recognized as the cruicial influences on modern interior decor industry and founders of the concept of using shapes and colours as means of expression for all those reasons and the fact that this tiny subwoofer only measures 218 cm in height makes microsub special in so many ways connections support mp3 players cd and dvd players as well as all alternative audio sources details >> www elac com 14 14 / 15 fantastic


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