Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 17 

Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 17

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5 6 to honor the time swiss watchmaker company milus shines mostly in creating extraordinary watches of the most luxurious brand however they have other ideas on how to present their endless love for time and glamour one those ideas are these incredible one of a kind diamond studded cufflinks designed to represent the form of watchmaking inside a piece of jewelry the outside rim is made of a full circle of diamonds while the inside layer mimics the look of a watch motor complete with miniature parts and a half circle cover which sports the name of the company and another set of precious diamonds impressive attention to details that milus expresses in whatever they do details >> www milus com designed by porsche this season porsche design group introduced introduced a new line of luggage that coincide with the release of a four seater gran turismo of the pannamera collection the luggage series is named aluframe and fits perfectly in the gran turismo or other porsche models made of aluminum frame and polycarbonate case they epitomize the series with their lightness and stability there are three models in various sizes all featuring inner compartments for easier packing and an aluminum handle integrated into the case that makes it easier to lift the luggage in and out of porsche sport cars but don’t worry this luggage system will fit just as well in any other car too be it of sport or family size details >> www porsche design com smoke collection smoke collection is a series of floor lights based on scaled prototypical elements of suburbia factory factory car parking lot and house isolated from their natural context and transformed into iconic additions for our home or office belching smoke lighting our spaces floor lamps that are meant to be lighting up our living and working environments be useful and critical simultaneously commenting commenting on our everyday lives surrounded by pollution and consumption their in between scale enables them to become centers of our living rooms iconic objects around which the domestic life of our houses can revolve they are a picture of our world transformed into a source of light but also source of happiness and joy around which the rituals of life can take place they are 100% recyclable 100% ironic 100% iconic details >> www vertigo bird com 7 15


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