Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 29 

Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 29

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free berth for yacht owners in the vicinity of the montenegrin coastal town of tivat porto montenegro the biggest nautical settlement in the mediterranean is being built after the completion of the first phase 85 berths for 20 to 100 meters long yachts are available but altogether the megayacht megayacht marina will have 650 berths the main investor in the marina the eccentric canadian multimillionaire peter munk envisions porto montenegro as a nautical destination with apartments hotels restaurants sport facilities and shops in the initial phase he promises a free berth to all yacht owners who want to visit the marina and see the beauties of boka kotorska bay 3 6 4 5 6 classic pinup it’s amazing how in the age of supertall and superskinny fashion supermodels former us secretary of state madeline albright has made her way among fashion icons she was the first american cabinet member to use jewelry as diplomatic sign language on september 30 an exhibition named read my pins the madeline albright collection’ opened at the museum of arts and design in new york if albright displayed a sun or a ladybug you could breathe easy a crab or a wasp meant watch out’ who needs brass knuckles when you can walk softly and carry a big brooch a brief history of biodiesel how did an enterprising fuel source get gear up and break down // 1900 – rudolf diesel runs his prototype engine on peanut oil at the paris world’s fair // 1941 – nazi general erwin rommel runs out of gas and refuels tanks with cooking oil // 1978 – general motors releases the first american made diesel engine car // 1997 – josh tickell crosses america in a french fry oil fueled winnebago the veggie van’ is born // 2002 – british police create a frying squad’ to sniff out and ticket gas tax evading cars smelling like chip shops’ // january 2008 – a study in science magazine finds that converting grassland for bio fuel production releases 93 times more co2 than is saved by using the fuel // february 2008 – richard branson’s virgin atlantic flies the first biodiesel powered commercial commercial flight // august 2008 – a home biodiesel brewer in surprise arizona blows off the front of his house // december 2008 – an l a doctor is accused of converting his patients’ liposuctioned fat into lipodiesel’ to power his girlfriend’s suv 4 5 istock porto montenegro cath howard mad new york 26 / 27 crazy stuff


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