Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 45 

Sharp End Magazine, No.05, 2009, page 45

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photo ace cafe mark wilsmore ace cafe managing director why ace cafe it all has to do with my generation i’m 52 and i remember the 60 s at that age as a brat i had three options to buy a motorcycle a vespa or play football i really wanted a motorbike – a norton and a black leather jacket as i was listening to rock ´ roll i was also really into the then racing racing scene and mike hailwood was my racing hero rock ´ roll meant america elvis and marilyn monroe when 1993 arrived a mate told me that it would be great if we refurbished the ace cafe and organized a reunion for all who used to gather there i realized that people not only wanted that but also expected it of me there was no turning turning back for me i had to do it just like admiral nelson who defeated the french navy in 1805 just like him i felt like the man of the moment my mission was to rescue and breathe new life into the ace cafe who visits ace cafe nowadays all generations who share a love of motorbikes cars and rock ´ roll come to the ace cafe we get lads and lasses on japanese motorbikes who don’t really care for black leather jackets or classic english motorbikes they are the generation that follows the spirit of the 1960s rockers rockers the real somewhat grey haired rockers from the 60s show up as well but they mainly arrive on pleasant sunday afternoons the ace is also a gathering point for lovers of classic and tuned cars today’s ace cafe is a mix of 60s nostalgia and youthful energy of the 21st century really nothing has changed – it’s just like it was half a century ago well then an average car cost more than a motorbike and it’s exactly the opposite now and it’s a similar story with music if r ´ r used to be the music of the rebels half a century ago and today is the music of the aging baby boomers the rebelliousness was taken over by other music genres what’s the freedom that rockers dream of it’s not that which some describe romantically as the wind in the hair” and the like freedom means the possibility possibility to show what you are who you are and what you stand for rockers also seek the freedom of excitement and fun – just as all 17 year olds do today what lies in ace cafe’s future the continuation of the ace cafe’s basic idea and the rocker rocker sub culture this also makes me think about expanding especially to japan the us and germany – with due care for manageability and quality i don’t want to change the ace cafe into a fast food chain what kind of a motorbike and car do you own i own several i live in an apartment that includes sadly a small garage i own a norton commando a bsa the four motorbikes displayed on the ace cafe’s stage i own several cars including a 42 ford … favourite film and band no limits” from 1935 starring george formby which is about a budding racer who takes part in a famous race on the isle of man i enjoy good r ´ r music and particularly particularly appreciate elvis presley and johnny cash ace cafe old school to new school mark wilsmore man in charge


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